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Monumenta 2011 Anish Kapoor Léviathan
Exceptionally, I was given permission to follow the process of Anish Kapoor's monumental work very closely
and make behind the scene drawings of the installation. At the rate of one drawing a day and one animation over a week,
I illustrated the birth of “Leviathan”. These free-hand drawings – enigmatic, speculative and fictional –
picture “Leviathan”day by day. Sometimes they form a dialogue with the daily work on this colossal construction site;
sometimes they echo the many hypotheses about the art work published in newspapers before the D-day.

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OUT !! Je vois quelqu'un ! MARABOUT Editions 2018

Pas mal pour de l'art ! MARABOUT Editions 2016


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Longchamp x Clo'e Floirat

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DEPOT BASEL Craft & Bling Bling - Fake
Emeco 1006 Navy 111 Navy & Broom
Emeco 1006 Navy 111 Navy & Broom animations for
Monumenta 2011 Anish Kapoor Léviathan
Monumenta 2012 Daniel Buren Excentrique(s)
en attendant Monumenta 2014 " Si j'étais..."
Monumenta 2014 Ilya & Emilia Kabakov l' Etrange Cité
series of Artist Attacks on Battersea Power Station
Split-Line-Crit' Design Parade 8 Villa Noailles
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ARRRGH! monsters in de mode Atopos Centraal Museum Utrecht
l'Architecture d'Aujourd'hui Praise the Partner(s)
Droog Design animation Ketel One


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Frieze Hans Ulrich Obrist interviewing the interviewer
art press Rufus Wainwright Prima Donna opera
art press Michael Heizer sculpture in reverse
art press Dieter Meier shape-shifting shaker-upper
L'Officiel Art dans la tribu de Bob Wilson en direct de Watermill
Intramuros New Parrish Art Museum Long Island, New York
Intramuros DMY 2011 Berlin
Intramuros DMY 2013 Berlin
Extramuros Berlin
Intramuros Robert Wilson un oeil sur la chaise
Royal College of Art Critical Writing in Art Dust Boom Bang
RCA cwa&d to the condemned: ‘off with your head!'
RCA cwa&d j'ai dessiné Léviathan d’ Anish Kapoor
RCA cwa&d rock(s) of art
l'Architecture d'Aujourd'hui Addis Abeba
The World of Interiors Poet of the Abyss w/ Deidi von Schaewen

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on tour artistic direction Prima Donna A Symphonic Visual Concert
w/ Rufus Wainwright, Francesco Vezzoli & Cindy Sherman

Kate McGarrigle square w/ Rufus Wainwright & Robert Wilson
Re-Set Watermill Center w/ Lynsey Peisinger
Conversation Pieces A Series of Chairs w/ Maria Jeglinska
Entente Cordiale RCA & Festival Graphisme Chaumont w/ Sophie Demay
RCA cwa&d Useless

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ModemOnline interview
Strabic interview
in conversation w/ Vassilis Zidianakis
24h ma journée typique atypique on the radio


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